Mental Health & Music ft. Tom Englund – FLOOR FINDS #6

Mental health, depression and difficult times are topics which are often not touched upon as much as they should. I sat down with Tom Englund from Silent Skies & Evergrey to discuss these heavy topics. Tom has a background in helping people with psychological issues and also got himself through a hard time. Hope you all enjoy this talk and are taking care of yourselves.

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0:00 – Welcome Tom
0:20 – Tom about dark times
1:53 – Putting up a façade
2:38 – Did you feel better by helping people or by understanding?
4:08 – What Tom learned in those times
5:20 – Writing music about emotions or not
8:09 – Feeling better by listening to melancholic music
9:35 – Writing music for yourself to deal with life
13:14 – Identifying with music in a therapeutic way

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