New digital technologies will see 46,000 fewer jobs created

New digital technologies will result in 46,000 fewer jobs being created here in the next five years.

That is the finding of a report that says one in three Irish jobs are at high risk of being affected by high tech developments.

This study from the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs looks at the impacts of the adoption of digital technologies between now and 2023.

It finds that Digitalisation is a major driver of productivity growth – But points out that it also disrupts traditional roles, with a third of jobs in Ireland at high risk of being affected.

The group says most at risk of being replaced by digital technologies are those with lower levels of education.

The report finds that all sectors excluding financial services and real estate, will be employing more people in 2023 than they do currently.

But technology will slow down this growth the to tune of 46,000 fewer jobs.

Despite that, the group thinks Ireland’s training and skills systems are well-positioned to respond to the new landscape.

It is warning, though, that the economy needs to be able to keep its ‘skills architecture’ up to date to deal with future challenges.

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